Namaste’s new space offers a range of yoga classes in styles to suit everyone, from first time practitioners to those practicing a lifetime. Gentle Yoga is perfect for beginners or anyone recovering from injury or preferring a gentler pace. Alignment basics are emphasized, allowing mind and body to focus softly and safely.


Vinyasa-style classes are a faster pace, so a basic knowledge of the poses is required. Practitioners go on a deeper ride into themselves, with poses flowing from one to the next on the breath.

On the flip side is Yin Yoga, where poses are held much longer, allowing muscles to relax so that harder, denser tissue can stretch. Yin Yoga helps to increase flexibility, and allows time to unwind and relax; after class, practitioners feel like they’ve had a deep tissue massage.

Namaste’ teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and philosophies; students are sure to find one that resonates with them. Let Namaste’ help you to shine your inner light a little brighter.

Namaste’ Yoga Salon, 407 South Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, open 7am to 9pm, 954-785-3666. See ad this page.