A little piece of heaven opened in Parkland, called Nuage Café. Nuage means “cloud” in French, water being the most essential nutrient to all living beings on Earth.

Nuage Café has become a community in itself. Hundreds of health enthusiasts visit on a regular basis to nourish themselves with the freshest, purest, most lovingly prepared and presented organic-raw-vegan, gluten-free buffet. Health conscious also join Meet-ups on health and science cutting-edge seminars, drum-circles, affirmations, speeddating, meditation and yoga.

Founder, Thierry Browers, aka “Superlight” is a self-taught Rawfood Chef, Vitalist, Perfect Health Advocate, Scientist, Humanitarian and Environmentalist. Browers’ mission is to open a Nuage Café in every city in the world to heal the human spirit and raise the collective consciousness. “When we allow ourselves to apply the knowledge of Divine truth, life becomes crystal clear and pure,” states Browers. “It takes courage sometimes to accept the change. It’s all in goodness to mankind… it’s all about Love, the most powerful energy in the whole universe. We, Shining Living Lights, need to unblock ourselves from darkness. We deserve to live in peace and harmony.”

If you haven’t visited yet, run there now! Nuage Café, 5903 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Parkland, 561.674.8527, NuageCafe.org, www. meetup.com/nuagecafe.

January 8, 2016: post adjusted. The Nuage Café is no longer in business.