Stress, aggressive treatments and an intense daily life put the balance of your body to the test, including your scalp and hair. With their dedication to personal wellbeing and providing their clients healthy experiences, Ka’ton Salon, in Fort Lauderdale, is one of the only salons in the U.S. given the honor to perform all of Oway’s holistic treatments and become a Head Spa.

Their 100 percent natural herbs and clay detox frees you from stress and toxins, restoring vitality to your hair and scalp, and combines the medicinal effectiveness of biodynamic savory leaves and horsetail stems with the purifying and detoxifying virtues of Amazonian pink clay, soap nuts and the aromatherapeutic power of biodynamic essential oil blends.
Their anti-aging Flowerfall treatment awakens the youthfulness of scalp and hair with an energizing boost and protective shield against oxidative stress, utilizing a blend of pure essential oils: bergamot, orange and lime combined with the flowery notes of rose, lavender, verbena and ylang ylang. Additionally, these treatments leave your scalp in optimal condition to generate new and fuller hair growth.
Ka’ton honors the phases of the moon and performs treatments in conjunction with the lunar phase which magnifies their power and effectiveness.

Contact phone: 954.325.5144; address: Ka’ton Salon, 1259 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.