Nestled in the corner of a shopping center at 4405 North Federal Highway in Oakland Park, New Age Books and Things continues to serve the magical, metaphysical, and spiritual communities as it has for the past 32 years. Open 7 days a week, the store has maintained a high standard of ethics and quality in available psychic and astrological readings, classes and lectures.


Offered for sale is a wide selection of new and used books, as well as many kinds of magical supplies. Always available is a huge selection of tumbled stones, quartz crystals, and other hard-to-find specimen crystals and stones. Many styles of candles as well as a selection of resin and stick type incense are also available for your magical needs. Sage sticks and sweetgrass are always in stock. The store carries an extensive selection of herbs, salts, washes, and magical tools. Products range from athames and altar supplies to zebra jasper and Zen meditations.

New Age Books and Things also has essential oils; find a mix that matches your needs or create your own fragrance that the friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to mix for you. See ad page 28.