Earlier this year, with the support of those who understand plant-based consciousness, Michael Klaper, MD and director of the Moving Medicine Forward (MMF) program, visited 10 medical schools across North America and shared his presentation, What I Wish I Had Learned in Medical School about Nutrition. At each school, the talk on practical, plant-based nutrition was greeted by students commenting that it “far exceeded what our medical school curriculum offers in that field.”

Building upon his earlier successful speaking tour in the spring of this year, he has launched MMF’s next series of engagements which will take him to medical schools across Oregon and California and will also include some public talks as well. At each school, he encourages the establishment of a Student Nutrition Interest Group to meet monthly and discuss nutrition-based cases to keep the flame of plant-based medicine alive after his presentation. He utilizes platforms like Google Hangout to host nationwide case discussions and share ideas for diagnosis and nutrition-based treatments.

The program is turning the nutritional light on in the minds of a new generation of healers, as well as informing and awakening the public as to the power of plant-based nutrition to reverse disease, where people learn to work with their doctors to truly heal themselves.

Talks for the public, TV interviews and podcasts are all aspects of MMF’S program, but they need help to keep creating the nutritional-awakening of Western medicine. If you know a student or faculty member at a school of medicine (allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic or chiropractic or schools of nursing, dentistry or related health sciences) who you think might want to help host a live event or electronic appearance, please contact https://formstack.io/CF5F8.

This initiative is a two-year project and recurring support will continue providing the resources needed to keep visiting medical schools and designing the nutrition courses that will assure success in this important mission. Every dollar provided to MMF goes to create nutritionally aware physicians across North America and globally. To make a tax-deductible contribution, visit https://connect.clickandpledge.com/w/Form/dc743960-2791-43c2-af9b-75a057a53da4.