Are you feeling overwhelmed in what the next step is to buying or refinancing a home? Do you have questions or concerns? Would you be interested in having a Zen type of experience with all of this?

Mortgages The Zen Way is a holistic approach to money wellness. It’s a mortgage lending experience that comes from a place of love.

Jay Robins, Licensed Mortgage Originator with National Mortgage Lender AnnieMac Home Mortgage, offers more than 16 years of experience and wisdom to help homeowners and home buyers create game plans to be in a place of peace when it comes to doing a mortgage, be it a purchase or refinance.

Share what you want to have happen and whatever else comes to mind. Robins listens, without judgment. He answers all your questions so that you are clear, ensuring an enjoyable experience. This is especially important when you are working with the largest debt you will ever have, and the largest asset you own or will own.

Whether you are a credit-challenged first time home buyer, experienced yet want and need extra expertise, or know someone who would like to connect, Robins is available to address these needs. See ad page 53.