by Regina Roberti

It is always easy to spot a person that owns a magnifying mirror when they come to the salon for a facial. They have all these concerns about hair that needs to be waxed and blemishes and blackheads that need to be extracted. Nine times out of ten, what they see is not visible to the human eye or they don’t have what they think they have.


First question: How many of you reading this article own a magnifying mirror with a light? Second question: If you threw that mirror away and looked into a regular mirror, would you dislike your skin as much? You may see some dryness or enlarged pores, but you wouldn’t pick as much or obsess as much, would you?

Magnifying mirrors are good for professionals and people who are farsighted and cannot see when applying eye makeup or plucking their eyebrows. Other than that, they are probably one of the most dangerous tools on the market for people to have because these mirrors show everything; all of the pores, every small bump, and everything else seem to appear huge and ridiculous. It’s no wonder why we are always unhappy with our skin. In order to have nice skin, the mirror should be thrown away and never used again!

Yes, this seems dramatic, but less is more when it comes to the skin. Research needs to be done on products, their ingredients, and sometimes the source is important. The more we know about them, the better chance we have at eliminating a lot of skin problems. The mirror is not going to change that and may potentially make things worse. There are tons of internal and external factors that affect our skin: free radicals, UV exposure, harsh synthetic products, tanning booths, smoking, alcohol, and unhealthy over-processed foods. Knowing these things and actually staying away from them are two different things. But owning one of these mirrors is probably at fault too, and it may be time to stop looking in the magnifying mirror for the answers.

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