As spiritual beings having a human experience, our souls have a plan for our lives before we’re born. We know there will be challenges, but we expect to win. Then we’re born, and it’s harder than we thought it would be. Our lives get off track. We get stuck.


The Lightworkers Healing Method (all-volunteer organization) is a system of Angelically-guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul’s life purpose. It improves the present by working with our past and future lives as well as our Guides and Angels in a unique and powerful process. Channeling Divine healing is a teachable, learnable skill. You can learn to BE who your soul came here to be and help others do the same.

For the first time in years, Founder and Teaching Channel Lynn McGonagill is personally leading an Introduction to the Lightworkers Healing Method class from 4 to 5:30 p.m., Saturday, January 11, 2014, in the Unity Church of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Road, Sarasota. Is this the chance your soul has been waiting for?; as taught at Kripalu, Institute of Noetic Sciences.