Vegan-friendly, the new Me’ Hungry Vegetarian Restaurant, located at 105 North State Road 7 (West Side Plaza), in Plantation, offers a wide variety of organic raw meals for takeout and dine-in along with a juice bar. Their Caribbean fusion menu includes both raw and cooked favorites, smoothies and a wide variety of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices.

This family-owned business grew out of a dire diagnosis for one of the sisters. Although never a smoker or meat eater, she was nonetheless diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. To remedy the issue as much as humanly possible, she converted to a vegan lifestyle. Now, more than three years later, with lifestyle changes and by the grace of God, she is holding her own.

Many can benefit from this type of lifestyle and Me’ Hungry looks forward to acting as a beacon of hope for this community and its surrounding areas, offering tasty, wholesome cuisine for better health and overall wellbeing.

Open 7 days, 9am-9pm Mon.-Thurs.; 9am-4pm. Fri.; 8am-10pm Sat.; 10am-5pm Sun.

For more information, call 954.773.1955.