On April 16-17, Mark Becker, Renaissance man entrepreneur, named Yogiman by Robin Williams in the 1970s, is bringing America’s longest running expo for enlightenment and rejuvenation to the Palm Beach Convention Center in West Palm Beach for the first time.

The Newlife Expo continues as the vanguard, raising awareness for more than one-million Americans for over 25 years with its lineup of lecturers and exhibitors on yoga and meditation, anti-aging, clairvoyance and promoting a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit.

Join in the fun as you open your mind to new horizons, learning how to look and feel your maximum potential and meet others looking for the same experience as you.

For as little as $20 for the weekend, enjoy yoga classes, music, free samples and experience cutting-edge exhibitors. Listen to over 75 speakers, including Dr. Robert Young, Mas Sajady, Gail Thackray, Judy Satori, Kat James, Stacie Breeze, Sean Morton, Chris Macklin, Jill Dahne and Mark Becker. Take a weekend of your life to enhance your life forever.

To pre-register for discounts and avoid lines, for a free brochure, or if you are interested in lecturing, exhibiting, advertising or volunteering, call 516-897-0900 or email [email protected]