Louise Gomez has been passionate about health and wellness from a young age. Her mother was a true inspiration as she always had a natural remedy for everything and Back to Eden was the family bible as far as healthcare was concerned.

Gomez worked at the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine as well as The Metabolic Medical Institute where she learned the supreme importance of maintaining an alkaline body and the power of natural antioxidants created from hydrogen.

During her several visits to Japan where her brother has lived for more than 22 years, Gomez observed how the Japanese were very aware of the importance of water in its natural state— flowing and alive. Kangen, which means just that, was created in Japan approximately 44 years ago, with their home office in Okinawa, a Blue Zone. Their antioxidant-rich system was in absolute alignment with Gomez’ vision for an alkaline body type and a Zero Waste lifestyle and she became a distributor.

Kangen can be found in hundreds of thousands of homes all around the globe. They are found in over 200 hospitals in Japan and have offices in 25 countries with plans to expand (enagic.com).

For more information, call or text 407-459-2128 or visit HighVibrationalWater.com.