October seems a much busier month—people back from elsewhere and children heading to school. I see my calendar full of wonderful things to do and projects to complete. Natural Awakenings is available at new locations throughout the county. The distribution route seems to constantly change. As all is in motion, and nothing stays the same, flexibility is the master word.

Events and projects are all the result of someone’s imagination. The Kids Ecology Corps (KEC) event I participated with last month was very successful, with many contributors, including Jack Seiler, Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, adding their hand to the mixed media artwork using a discarded bottle cap picked up from the beach area. See photo this page of the completed #ecolitterart. Please feel free to share what you think would be a great title for this piece.

It was such great fun to see so many helping to clean up the beach of plastic, glass and other things that are not part of the natural habitat. We worked on one of the picnic benches on Fort Lauderdale Beach next to Bob Lieberman’s South Florida Beach Sweep. I heard there were several hundred volunteers overall that showed up to work, of which KEC had about 40.

We’ll be doing it again. Beach Sweep will be held the second Saturday of each month. KEC will be there in October to create another mixed media artwork; we’d love to have you add a piece of plastic to the work. See calendar for when and where.

This month is a focus on ways to naturally improve your mood. There are some interesting spins on this process from several of our local businesses. I’ve been on the “down” side and know it can be quite a complicated set of emotional components. The first step is simply recognizing the issue and the second is being open to change. My turnaround was not overnight. Now, I am grateful for the process; it has allowed me to be much more compassionate and understanding of those who are experiencing a rough time.

The information in articles and conversations with advertisers I found through Natural Awakenings has assisted me in continuing that process—keeping me balanced and happy. It’s important for me to include “me” time. As a young mother, it was not much of a priority; I didn’t understand the value in taking care of myself as I do now. There’s a beautiful pool just below my office window, beckoning me to play in its waters. My body knows what it needs. It’s my job to pay attention and act accordingly.

Notifications came in the mail the other day from the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation. The two nests I sponsored this summer protected 164 hatchlings. How cool.

What might you be interested in getting involved with this fall? What has meaning for you? What gives you joy? What is in alignment with your core values? Within all of these activities, be kind to yourself and find time to share your joy with others.

From that place of joy, one’s smile cannot be contained and its energy spreads much like the candlelight within a room.

Be light; plan on it.

Susie Q Wood

Publishing Editor