October might just be the month that marks a big change in my life. It seems things are moving at an incredibly fast pace, while in the present moment, being able to maintain a strange sense of calm. That was not the case last month as September was a realignment month for me… to take stock in what I was creating, and my “little devil voice” got just a bit too loud (throwing me into fear of the unknown); it was painful. I slowly pulled myself back into the present to feel my own strength and trust that the future would, as always, take care of itself, knowing that as long as I take care of the present, I’ll be more than fine.

With focus and clarity, I’m reenergized once again. I’ve birthed an idea wherein I can serve our community and continue doing what I love to do—publish this magazine, connect with the advertisers and readers, and create ways to speak about my passion for the ground upon which we walk. I do recognize that it’s an inside job.

Having launched my Global TRASHformation movement, the next step is finding a small group of dedicated individuals with whom to create and maintain a litter-free zone. I’d had talks with many small groups and individuals around Broward, and decided to talk to the residents within my own condo building at a board meeting to see if they would be receptive to being in this conversation. The answer came back—a resounding yes from a few of the residents. That’s all it takes to begin the process. As we move forward and are able to demonstrate our success, more will come on-board and the process will evolve.

If you’re interested in finding out more, go to SusieQwood.com, read and take the pledge under the heading TRASHformation. I also started a blog last month and you can see that online too. Download gratis an image of my famous “BottleCapius Litterous” with a personal note from me (suitable for framing).

“Change Makers, Inspired to Act” is a wonderful article in this month’s issue about people living on purpose and improving upon the way we have been looking at the food we’ve cultivated, goods we’ve created and resources we manage. You may also find it inspiring.

Another article which I align with (pun intended) is the one on chiropractic care. Non-invasive chiropractic medicine tops the list for alternative healthcare options now being implemented into a plan of care. So many lives are improved by incorporating chiropractic services as part of a good wellness program—first getting better, then ongoing maintenance.

This month’s Action Alert, Solar in the Sunshine State: Vote NO on #1 in November, is for us voting Floridians to take heed. Please review the information and take a stand. Amendment #1 this November is a prime example of what we can do as a collective in protecting our rights to have personal solar products in our future and reap the maximum benefits personally and globally, even giving back to the grid. I believe Voting NO on #1 is the better path to that end. Being informed and knowing what is going on behind the words are critical. Read; make up your own mind.

Walk through this month and create warm October memories as we move into the cooler days here in Florida.

Pace yourself; plan on it.

SusieQ Wood

Publishing Editor