May your days be filled with the sight and aroma of healthy foods, the sound and touch of good friends, plus the appetite and intellectual curiosity to discover more about what surrounds you.

Every day I learn something new. Not that I seek it out, it more or less just happens. It seems embedded in our DNA—trying to figure stuff out—making sense of the chaos or what we “see” around us.

May is a perfect month for us. The weather is grand; I do love the 2pm showers that cool down the midday. Normally I don’t spend much time outside, but the past number of Saturdays and ongoing through mid-April I’ve been outside working on a collaborative public art project called “All Hands on Deck”. If you want to help, we’re looking for more volunteers to “wrap it up.” Location: East end of Equality Park and the Pride Center at 2034 E. Dixie Hwy. (outside by the Art Bunker, at the end of the street), Wilton Manors.

Trash to Treasure heads up the project with yours truly as the lead artist, guiding volunteers with the task of affixing colorful plastic picked up from the beaches of Broward County to the sides of a boat. The boat was documented coming ashore in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea a few months ago. It appears that it is a Cuban refugee boat; we’d like to believe that everyone aboard made it safely to shore.

Our task is to acknowledge human suffering and allow the boat to be a symbol of transformation, not just for the lives it once held. The boat is a message of hope for all of us to be better people, working together for positive change, and the glued marine debris is a reminder that each of us makes a difference in our environment. Picking up plastic off the beaches, packing up all food, packaging, etc. when we go to the beach is what it takes to maintain our beaches as awesome as they can be. So come on by, bring your own “found” beach plastic or use what we have collected. Have some fun with new friends and do good.

May’s issue: Women’s wellness and thyroid health. There are several articles on the thyroid, a small but very important organ. For women, it’s especially worth the time to do your research.

One of my favorite articles this month is the one on facial exercises. It’s a gentle reminder to tone those muscles to help maintain a youthful expression. Adding in a smile, no matter how wrinkled one’s face is, is a plus. I remember my mother’s 95-year-old face when she smiled. I didn’t care about her wrinkles and I assure you, she certainly didn’t give it a thought.

Go ahead, ask an open ended question; let your smile shine through and light up, not only your own insides, but those who are around you.

Delight in a deeper discovery of others with questions of curiosity; plan on it.

SusieQ Wood

Publishing Editor