January ~ oh, the beginning of a new year ~ 2016. Beginnings are as fun as we make them. I do suppose beginnings could be scary or stressful too, depending on your perspective.
Pablo Picasso said, “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” The initial idea is a starting point for the process or the painting. These processes, by their very nature, morph in response to all energies that surround them.

Challenges and experiences within change them. As we react to the nuances of the powerful, unending, ever-changing flow of ideas and actions, the result of our experiment or relationship—whatever it is that we are putting our attention on—becomes our own in the sense that it has our personalized stamp or personality infused within.

This is what makes our imagination so highly valued. These new projects may happen spontaneously when we get out of our comfort zone and connect with nature and/or others—that creative juice that binds us all together.
What do you imagine for yourself, your family, your job, your career or relationships this year?
I enjoy meeting new people, discovering who they are, what they are interested in and their perspective on the community. Is there something else that I can be doing with content in the magazine that might be of better service? All of us might be asking similar questions.
Someone asked me about the paper we print on. Yes, it’s recycled newsprint, very landfill-friendly and we use soy-based ink to print. We also have the online edition for those that want that delivery option.
Recently I was given the opportunity to speak on a new topic to an audience of more than 100 people. My business coach had me rethink what I called nervous energy as being overly excited. She wisely asked me to focus on what I wanted from my audience. The talk went well and the outcome was beyond my expectation.
We work from the perspective of the end goal. Identifying the right questions are, I believe, the key to getting to the really good answers—the type of answers that we can use to easily shift into action.
What is a beginning anyway? For the New Year, it’s another sequence for accounting and payment of taxes. In galactic terms, it’s another trip around the sun, ending up in the same relative position—or is it? Isn’t the universe expanding?
2016 can be our year of many beginnings. Be joyous and lovingly create something new this year; stretch out and grow in ways only you can imagine, integrating and sharing your special talents. We can all benefit by these examples.
Express a happy and healthy new year for yourself; plan on it.
Susie Q Wood