June plays into our rhythmic sense of wonderment, the weather is still amazing and our walks in nature reveal their own special treats. On the shoreline, there is still plenty of natural ocean debris washed up, creating a more interesting walk with a variety of items from which to pick for the birds and other wildlife. Turtles, now in their season, lay their tracks and clutch of eggs for the next generation. Volunteer organizations daily traverse the area to set-up and cordon off the protected areas with stakes and brightly colored pink ribbons.

In the photo this month, I’m wearing my first Global TRASHformation top. It features a photograph of the artwork called “Global Garden of D’ Caps” which repeats on the backside. Plastic bottle caps are the number two littered item on the planet and 80 percent of all the plastic in the ocean is from land-side sources. It’s a way to highlight the complex issue of worldwide trash ending up in our landfills and oceans. The hope is to inspire viable solutions for worldwide changes. I am working on a line of t-shirts featuring “Global Garden”. If you’re interested in pre-ordering one or more (tees for both men and women), sign-up for my “art” email list at GlobalTRASHformation.com or for updates, visit GlobalTRASHformation.com/tees.html. Since some of the plastic in the ocean may take 450 years to decompose, it makes sense to prevent it from getting into our waterways in the first place.

Planetary health is much like personal health. First, we must educate ourselves as to what’s going on, then we can do something about it. This is the gift of hindsight. As in the article on brain health (page 26), the data indicates that as much as one-third of the dementia cases can be prevented with a focus on nine modifiable lifestyle changes.

This theme of prevention of disease with an emphasis on what we eat is repeated in the Wise Words department this month, in an interview with Sanjay Gupta, featured on our cover, and his research on some of the healthiest populations across the globe. What are these people doing (different) that firmly supports the opportunity to live longer and be healthier? Part of what he discusses is Ayurveda. We can appreciate the idea that in preparing healthy meals, function is the driving force, followed by flavor and texture. Certainly, we want meals that appeal to our eyes and our taste buds.

As this month is also a focus on men and male health issues, there’s an informative article on prostate health, including a guideline for the kinds of foods that will support a healthy prostate.

We appreciate the support of our advertisers and the informative editorial they submit to share and educate our growing community. “One can never be overdressed or overeducated.” ~ Oscar Wilde

In Broward, there are hundreds of miles of waterways and the ocean creates the eastern border of the county; take time this month to spend a moment or two to listen to the wind and the waves and relate those sounds to the sound of your own heart beating.

Feel peace within the natural rhythms of life; plan on it.