May springs forth the flowering plants, creating a plethora of colors, textures and amazing designs. Of course, here in Florida it’s a year-round event, nonetheless, this writer digs back to her roots and memory banks as decades of blooms come to mind. Flowers bring joy to any occasion, even the end of life celebrations.

Certainly, we are here to celebrate life and within that thought comes reflection of all that went before, allowing for the emergence of safe, sacred space to share with friends and family the failures and ultimate successes of one’s journey.

I believe that daily mindfulness and taking moments of stillness breed a balance for celebration, and this month, as my birth month, is an example of that. I was born amongst the blooming flowers; that has become a parallel for me as another way to connect with nature and see that I live as a flowering plant, meant to bloom on a regular basis.

Publishing Natural Awakenings magazine is one of the blooms in my life. I am now creating an additional bloom, though, in the early budding stage. It’s an extension of the core mission of our publication: to feel good, live simply and laugh more. I’m creating a line of clothing with my environmental artwork designs, birthed out of the idea that we are here to be of service to others, with each person finding their own particular spin on how that manifests. I’ll keep you posted as to progress.

May’s issue is a focus on mental and emotional well-being, and healthy vision. As one who is thriving beyond deep emotional traumas, I can attest to the benefits of bodywork in helping me through the physical manifestations of those experiences.

It’s not been easy to acknowledge that anything be “wrong” or not “normal” with me. Is there another way to approach those differences? In delving into the darkness, there is a time to acclimate to that lack of light. Breathe easily, know that as the sun rises, so shall the truth emerge for an answer to whatever it is that one seeks. I’m reminded to remember to ask the right questions. What is a solution that serves my highest good?

Thankfully, mental and emotional well-being is being given more attention as we make our way through the 21st century. I am encouraged with the resolve of the youth and am supporting their efforts to speak up and make positive change.

I trust the article on vision will be of benefit, too. It contains interesting information about supporting eye health through the power of food choices. Discover which plants to eat that might support healthier vision.

Mother’s Day is here this month. Though my mother has passed, I celebrate her life and all the caring, nurturing and guiding she gave me and our family. I am blessed.

May blooms require that the seed was planted a while ago. Be kind and the flowers are unstoppable. Imagine being the bloom and sharing in the joy of seeing others bloom beside you. We are the whole plant; we are the whole planet.

Bloom seasonally; plan on it.