December is upon us. I trust that this year was better than last, and that next year will be even better. That’s my wish for all of you.
You are valued. I heard a story from one of the readers recently. She told me she had been reading our publication for years and was so happy to pick up the new issue every month, always looking for helpful and educational articles, reading the magazine from cover to cover. She said she felt healthier as a result…implementing different choices in her routine. I love that; it’s great to get the feedback.
Later on this month, I’ll be visiting with family up north. We have new members, and I am excited to meet the grandnephew plus the newest puppy. It will be a fun time. I may even get to do the snow thing, dressing all up in down and walking in the cold, crisp air with my sister. I do very much enjoy that time in nature. She lives with her husband off a dirt road in the foothills of New Hampshire. Their place is surrounded with trees and they’ve set up a winter feeding station for the wildlife. We’ll be watching out for deer. That’s something to look forward to.
This month, the magazine has a focus on prayer and meditation. I read with interest the breakout of ways to open the heart and truly connect with spirit in discovering what it is that I am to truly align with in being of service, rather than figuring out how spirit can serve me. I loved Davenport’s comment that we are not here for shopping. Focusing on how to be in alignment with spirit is a slightly different approach for me. I get it, and am embracing the concept to go deeper inside and connect in a way that brings me to service, using the gifts and talents I have. I am open to trying new things and embracing new ways to have an open heart, walking down paths I had not dreamed even existed.
The article by Hoss is of interest to me. It’s about plastic. One point is about being a more conscious consumer and to reduce the use of one-time plastic in my life. I try to remember when in restaurants to request the wait staff not bring the plastic straw with any cold beverage. I have a reusable “take home” container for leftovers or things I may order to go. It’s a little more work for me, but I’m happy to do it. Mostly it’s remembering to take it with me when I go out and about.
More about the plastic litter projects I’m involved with to be revealed in the next few months. I very much appreciate those neighborhoods I visit that have little to no litter. My neighborhood has room for improvement, especially noticeable are bags that fly around and end up in trees. Then there’s the beachside, with an unending stream of plastic and other debris coming, in part, from the waterways throughout Broward.
The Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Jack Seiler, has invited me to have a one-woman show of my artwork at city hall that highlights the litter that has been retrieved from the streets and beaches of the Fort Lauderdale area. The show is scheduled for April 2016. I’m honored.
Do you know an area near where you live or work that has a lot of litter I might use for a new art project? If so, feel free to call me with the address (Broward County only please). I’d be happy to check it out. I’d be happier to discover that the litter was all picked up before I got there. Maybe there could be some great before/after shots taken of the changes in the neighborhoods with respect to de-littering those spaces. I’d be happy to consider publishing them if you’re motivated to take the photographs.
Have an awesome close to the year, one and all.
Peace, love and gratitude in all that you do; plan on it.
Susie Q Wood
Publishing Editor, Broward County, Natural Awakenings