July Fourth, a symbol of patriotism and a time of family celebration around fireworks and outdoor dining. I’m ambivalent, I confess, about firework displays. On another note—group get-togethers around food—always a fabulous activity. Mealtime with family and friends evokes great memories.

Changing up food choices has brought about a healthier version of self. It seems this is an ongoing process of deciding what resonates with me more and how my body reacts to those choices. In my youth, paying attention to stomach aches was not important to me as they always went away after time. It really didn’t occur to me that my body was telling me something.

Once on my own, with a kitchen and responsibilities, I began listening to a broader conversation around food and health. Detoxing, juicing, fasting, etc. all came into play and I experienced and experimented with various forms and levels. Now, detoxing is more than simply resetting my physical body; I see the importance of “rebooting” my emotional and spiritual bodies too.

Heading into nature or simply walking in silence on the beach works its magic. I mindfully curb my enthusiasm for de-littering and focus on nature’s endless wonders, from grains of sand to the expanding galaxies, seeing it all as one.

Though we are tiny by comparison in size, there is this strange sense of unlimited space that occupies my mind. In this context, I explore and am in awe of unlimited possibilities and ways to express love. Paying attention, picking up new books, visiting parks, attending workshops, hearing fresh thoughts from friends and associates, allow me to be in a space to create a better version of our local Natural Awakenings. As of late, that’s what I’ve been focusing on.

Our upcoming January issue will include something new—Wellness Profiles. Whether you are a part of the green industry or the wellness industry, a business owner, local practitioner or holistic healer, having a Profile in our January issue may be a great way to share yourself, your services and your products in greater depth. Give us a call or use our online form to submit your Profile (naBroward.com/profileform).

The intent of the Wellness Profiles is to provide our readership community with who and what is available to support them on their pathway to an ever-expanding wholistic lifestyle. The Profiles will also be online throughout 2018 as part of our expanded website. If you’re interested, there are special Summer Sizzle discounted packages available now for completing your order early. For more information, see ads on pages 15 and 46.

As you know, summer here in Florida can be hot! Stay hydrated; use your own water containers to refill along the way. Broward hosts a wide variety of things to do outside and in our local and state parks. Our Healthy Kids department this month covers many super ideas for outdoor activities for a family with children; check it out. I say, go for it; embrace nature, lay down on the ground or sit in your favorite outdoor chair, look up at the evening stars and feel the love.

Be curious;
plan on it.

SusieQ Wood

Publishing Editor