Kidz Power is providing both guidance and tools to help children find their inner voice, believe in themselves, stand in their own power, and recognize their maximum potential. The primary take-away is to know that he or she cannot change the negatives in the world but can be empowered to handle them. This is accomplished by engaging in exercises which will benefit families over their entire lives. Parents also participate to improve communications with their children. They are asked, “Are you listening to your children and, more importantly, are they listening to you?”


Kidz Power facilitator Burge Smith Lyons, founder of Essence of Being, is a trusted educator transforming lives for over 35 years. Numerous testimonials are confirming the Kidz Power motto: “Empowering children to be the best version of themselves.”

Kidz Power’s goal is to see children learn and discover the communication tools that will set them free from present encumbrances. Kidz Power is waiting for you to sign up or sponsor a child and family who may not be able to afford the playshop.

For more information about this transformational event taking place September 20 and 21 in Fort Lauderdale, contact Diana at 954-801-0461. Your donation is tax deductible.