Our food chain has changed over the last 100 years. Industrial, for-profit farming and chemical processing have taken over, producing indigestible foods filled with GMO corn or soy, sugar in myriad forms, hybridized high sugar grains, hormones and antibiotics.

Since 2005, Joy of Organics, a private buying club, has been sourcing and offering the most nutritionally-dense foods from farmers who care about the health of those they serve and that of the planet. What a gift to receive a box filled with farm fresh, certified organic fruits and veggies every other week, far below retail.

Grass-fed beef and pastured poultry, eggs and pork are raised by Weston Price Foundation Farms (WestonPriceFoundation.com) using regenerative farming practices, producing the highest nutrient-dense meats, raw dairy and more.

Joy of Organics is blessed with their own fishermen in the Bering Straits right now fishing for wild Alaskan salmon. Local vendors supply raw, grass-fed yogurts, lactose fermented foods, flavored sausages, smoked wild fish dip, condiments, vegan nut milks, hummus and much more.

Whatever your dietary lifestyle, gift yourself with real, delicious, healthy food. Eat clean, cure what ails you and watch the pounds melt away.

For more information, call Joy Winston at 954-465-6502 and/or visit JoyOfOrganics.com.