Lauderhill’s newly opened relaxation destination, located at 4646 North University Drive, (between Inverrary Boulevard and 44th Street), in the Promenade at Inverrary, Shells Kava Bar offers a range of non-alcoholic beverages with a primary focus on kava.

Kava (piper methysticum) is a black pepper plant from the South Pacific Islands that is steeped in water to create a natural, relaxing beverage. It has been a major part of the South Pacific Island’s society and consumed for more than 3,000 years. There are no additives of any kind—simply kava root and water.

The kava beverage provides a relaxing effect without the loss of mental sharpness or abilities. It has been known to assist with anxiety, stress, muscle pain, sleeplessness and, as a diuretic, may include many other benefits as well.

Shells Kava Bar is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Jared and Heather Orlinsky, who met in 2002 at the first kava bar in the continental U.S. They have ever since been a part of the kava lifestyle. With their wealth of knowledge on kava, they now bring this experience to those in the western part of Broward County. Bula!

For more information, call 954.769.1226.