The inaugural International Restorative Yoga Day (IRYD) is scheduled for Saturday, November 16, with the aim of fostering greater awareness of the healing benefits of restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is unique in that a variety of props are used to support the body in gentle, effortless poses, inviting natural release of deeply held muscular tension and stress. It is accessible to anyone, regardless of body size, fitness level and age. By activating the relaxation response in the nervous system, a few of the many benefits include: reduced cortisol (stress hormone), improved immunity, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, better digestion and elimination, and enhanced fertility.


Lora Sasiela, RYT, restorative yoga teacher and founder of IRYD, explains why the third Saturday of November was chosen to celebrate: “The thinking was that by someone experiencing the benefits of restorative yoga before the actual holiday craziness sets in, it will plant a seed of serenity, and they will know they can return to another restorative class during the holiday season or simply do a pose or two at home.” (Visit for participating studios.)

Weston Yoga’s Restorative Yoga Workshop with live music takes place 4-6pm, Saturday, November 16, at 2600 Glades Circle, Suite 400, Weston, 954-349-6868, See ad page 59.