Cristovão Brilho, incredibly gifted paranormal and metaphysician, was born in Brazil and started his spiritual experience at the age of four. He is deeply committed to help bring health, equilibrium and well-being to humankind and, to that end, he pursues this cause with selfless devotion, offering treatments around the world.

Brilho works with higher forms of intelligence who bring knowledge and the use of new healing technologies for human beings. He channels Dr. Fyeer, a spiritual doctor who performs psychic surgeries on the spiritual field. These surgeries are performed with the use of a crystal as an instrument for healing, acting as a link between both dimensions. The surgeries are also performed without any incisions or cuts to one’s physical body. Nevertheless, the healing is evident on the physical, emotional and mental levels.
Brilho offers gratis monthly healing sessions to the public of all ages in Miami and West Palm Beach.
Location: Instituto Cristovao Brilho & Crystals for Life (store), 2100 Coral Way, Ste. 605, Miami. For more information, call 786-295-8665 or 305-446-5090.