With more than 70 years of combined experience, Barbara Ventura and Michael Gotta have passionately explored the worlds of spirituality, philosophy and human development in search of the understanding that profoundly impacts our effectiveness and quality of life.

Through that journey, a building process began to emerge that would facilitate human transformation, offering A New Perspective of Life: Wellness for the body, peace for the mind and freedom for the Spirit.

In 2016, Ventura and Gotta founded the Integral Life Center, in Pompano Beach, as a means of giving expression to the synergy of growth that takes place when people take an active role in their development with themselves and each other. That idea plays itself out in the building of a community that meditates, practices and discusses the experience of living, developing and evolving. Weekly music meditation gatherings, Tai Chi, yoga, health coaching, massage, physical therapy and spiritual group discussions complement a host of conferences and courses that facilitate the process.

In addition, the center is affiliated with an internal medicine MD who practices functional and integrative medicine using the latest developments in testing protocols to offer a truly customized therapy.

Location: Beachway Shopping Plaza, 880 N. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach, 954.684. 6335.