by Rev. Lana Charlton

Have you ever walked into a physician’s office stiff as a board, shuffling along, only to breeze out after the glorious healing hands of a practiced doctor? Realigning the body is so fascinating in what seems like a simple crack of the neck, back, hip or knees, opening the body once again to its natural flow through the healer’s educated hands.



Life and living can create havoc with our bodies. Healthy daily exercise like riding a bike, running or walking, yoga or Pilates can cause stresses and literally run down parts of our bodies from use. It is always and in all ways worth it. Yet with aging, parts of our bodies begin to lose tread, lose parts and lose alignment like a car. We drive our cars knowing that they will need upkeep and a good mechanic, just as our bodies need upkeep and a good body mechanic.

My car has a sticker on it that tells me when the oil needs changing for maintenance purposes. I have yet to find that sticker on my body. With life, that sticker shows up as my hip being stuck after sitting in the chair for too long, my shoulder aches after washing my car, or my back literally gets stuck so that standing up is a clear sign that maintenance is past due.

What a blessing that there are so many modalities to choose from in the outer healing of my body. Chiropractic medicine, massage, acupuncture and other holistic treatments can open the pathways for the flow of life energies to return and reset.

Life tightens us through stress and laborious activities. Sitting in a chair would seem fairly easy except for that sciatic nerve that has had pressure on it. Humanity has found outer healing as long as we have pictorial history. Herbal balms, massage, mineral baths and acupuncture are very old. Imagine carrying buckets of water on your shoulders for miles, bending over picking cotton, or the physical toil it took to create a pyramid. Physical pain and the outer healer have been with us for a long time.

We can find ourselves just as stiff, shuffling along through life, on the inner as well as the outer. In fact sometimes it is the inner life that causes pain in the outer life. Take a moment to clench your fist and count to sixty. Really, do it. Isn’t it amazing how fast our bodies freeze up? So hearing fear based news — life is hard, things are tough, loss is everywhere, it is easy to begin to clench the fist of inner thoughts and impede the flow of possibility from within.

Aligning with the inner healer, connected forever to the One Healer, builds us up, aligning us with the light of truth. Father Thomas Keating, my teacher on contemplative meditation, suggests, “As we begin to clear away the clutter, the energy of divine light and love begins to flow through our being.” When we align with the radiant light body from within, cells begin to respond in equal measure.

We must adjust our thinking throughout the day so we don’t get out of alignment.

ALWAYS and in all-ways, balance your body and mind. Check your posture and your breathing. What am I thinking and feeling right now? Are these healing and revealing thoughts or, fear and stressful thoughts?

LIVE life awake to both what is and what can be.

INFINITE and expansive universe or limited small reality?

GROW what you want in the garden of your life through seeing it, affirming it, and believing small miracles occur all the time. Why not a series of small turns in your thinking every day to bring you back to full and perfect health?

NOW is the only moment you have to create your world, your health, your healing. Accept the now and change what you don’t like through conscious choices of realigning with truth principles that already exist within you. You are the great healer!

Penny Peirce has a great book, *Frequency, that offers some uplifting exercises for inner healing. One that really spoke to me was the light body. As I begin my morning meditation, I envision my light body standing behind me. It is radiant light and full of energy. The more I can see it and feel it when it merges with my physical body, the lighter I feel. I believe this light body is my true body, but it is energizing to use imagery for my mind, body and spirit. My frequency is heightened as I become aware that millions of cells have an energetic life field in each one. After exercising this for a while, I can call forth this light energy if I begin to feel a bit dull around the edges.

Exercising our bodies and getting them aligned and supple helps us to balance the yin and yang of our physical being. Exercising our spiritual bodies aligns us from within. Both are imperative for a whole and holy life.


Reverend Lana Charlton is the senior minister at Unity Gateway Church, Coral Springs, and writes for numerous worldwide, national, and local publications. See ad page 54.