Over the past 30 years, Bo Sebastian has helped thousands of clients lose 10 to 150 pounds by altering brainwaves that keep them from caring for their bodies. Their brains have learned by rote and negative input how to act and react. As a clinical hypnotist, Sebastian effectively gets inside the maze of negative thinking and recreates a pathway of positive thinking.

As the body enters somnambulance, the “observer mind” awakens. To make effective change, one must access and rewrite the pattern within this state of mind. Upon awakening, Sebastian will ultimately lay down new wiring for the brain that operates from a metaphoric light switch that is initiated through touch, creating choice. Each time the new neural-pathway is chosen, the new thought paradigm is strengthened.

One of the most successful hypnotists in the business, Sebastian has written 16 books on health and effective change—physical, mental and spiritual, with his latest, Your New Story, Your New Life now available.

For more information and appointments both in-office and online, call 954.253.6493 or visit BoSebastian.com.