How to Nurture Your Spiritual Life walks you through the five steps to implementing the secrets to achieve Spiritual Freedom. This is a book focused on a holistic approach with practical viewpoints that can be easily incorporated in your daily life. The author will help you discover what you want out of life and give you the tools to find this answer.

When you learn to recognize and accept what makes you unique, you’ll learn how to utilize this talent for your own self-development.
The tools you need are all in these secrets—but more importantly—the tools are inside you. You just need to learn how to access them. In addition to the practical examples and advice, you will find several bonus exercises to help make these changes real and transform your life from the inside out!
Author Lorena Evans has spent the last decade helping people reach their full potential and follow their goals and dreams. She helps clients clarify their goals and set up an action plan that can be executed with exponential results. Evans is the founder of I Speak Spirit, Book is available for purchase in either hard copy or Kindle formats on