by Francine Kanter, CCH, RsHOM(NA)

Recently, my husband went to see a physician for his annual checkup, and to our surprise, the consultation lasted seven minutes. What medical information could a physician have analyzed in a seven minute interview?



On the other hand, we have a wonderful alternative health care system that cares for you. It is called Homeopathy, and over recent years has become an increasingly popular system of medicine. Homeopathy is based on the principle that any substance that can cause illness can also be a cure: “Like Cures Like”. If a substance can cause symptoms of disease in a healthy person, then it can cure a sick person suffering from similar symptoms.

For example, everyone knows that chopping an onion makes your eyes sting and water and your nose run and burn. A homeopathic preparation of the onion, called Allium Cepa, may be used to relieve people with a cold or hay fever if they present the similar set of symptoms: watery eyes, runny nose, burning nose, stinging. Now, in order to determine which remedy will fit the set of symptoms for a person, the homeopath practitioner has to take a full consultation, meaning it is approximately a two hour process wherein the practitioner asks specific questions to understand the patient completely, analyzes the case, and suggests a homeopathic medicine that will provide relief for the symptoms. 

Additionally, homeopathic treatment works on the whole person: physical, emotional and mental, not only the symptoms. As an immune booster, it prevents against acute or chronic problems. It brings balance to the whole system; you feel healthier, stronger, and happier. Moreover, homeopathic treatments do not create dependency; are free of side-effects; are non-toxic; highly individualized; and boost the immune system.

This alternative medicine has helped millions of people all over the world to reach optimal health and wellbeing, suitable for all ages, from babyhood to old age and for pregnant women as well. Discover how homeopathy can help you regain your health and vitality.

Francine Kanter, CCH, RsHOM(NA) is a Board Certified Homeopath Practitioner and can be reached at 754-484-7988, [email protected], and See ad page 57.