On June 5, Hollywood Healing Center (HHC) held their “soft opening”, a great time with delicious food and wine. Amongst the center’s resident healers is Randy Eady, known as the Foot Whisperer, who uses balancing techniques with feet. Eady has a background helping veterans with phantom limb pain; he makes sure that the body and feet are in constant communication. The Japanese consider the feet a window to the body. The delighted crowd sat in the resonator which is FDA approved for stress reduction and relaxation.


Other services provided by the center include massage, homeopathic classes, and end of life consults using the resonator and homeopathy. When a person’s life is drawing to a close, there are so many ways the individual can make their transition where pain medicine is kept to a minimum and lucid communication is possible.

Deborah Grossman, RN, runs HHC. She has over 25 years experience, including with her teenage daughter who died in 2001. “This healing center is not the norm. We want to blend all modalities that will reduce an individual’s suffering. This is a life’s dream for me.”

HHC is located at 1601 Harrison Street. For more information, visit HollywoodHealingCenter.org or call 954-651-2795. See ad page 41.