The Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency’s multi-faceted Anti-Litter Campaign has fast garnered the attention and support of Hollywood’s residential and business communities. The Hollywood Beach Business Association (HBBA) has become a staunch advocate and committed to having its employees wear buttons that read, “Stop Littering–Because I Care”. Additionally, the HBBA is vigorously complying with the City Code which prohibits disposables in outdoor café areas.

Banners showcasing sea life made of litter with headlines, “Stop Littering–You are Not Alone” and “$0 in The Can, $500 in The Sand” line the Broadwalk. Large format signs with the same messaging greet visitors at parking garage common areas, and soon electrical box wraps at the Broadwalk street-ends will reiterate the same.

Following the launch of the CRA’s Anti-Litter Campaign, Hollywood Police started issuing citations for littering on Hollywood Beach. “There is too much at stake not to give this issue the attention it deserves; we are invested in the health and wellness of our ecosystem at Hollywood Beach, preserving its beauty, safety and vitality for all to enjoy,” comments Jorge Camejo, Executive Director of the Hollywood CRA.

There are approximately 300 trash and recycling receptacles at Hollywood Beach. Even without the receptacles, there’s no excuse for litter.