Q: Dear Karen Kaye,

The term “higher consciousness” has been used so often as a sales tool that it has little or no meaning. What are your thoughts and what is “higher consciousness”? – Stephanie



A:  Dear Stephanie,

I would agree with you that the term higher consciousness has been misused and misrepresented as a sales tool for many up and coming pop-culture methods, so that the words higher consciousness may have little or no meaning. Higher consciousness is the innate ability to hear, see and embrace the divine in one’s self as well as appreciate the outside world. I will attempt to differentiate what my 20+ years have taught me about higher consciousness and its meaning.


Higher consciousness is not:

An excuse

A rationalization


A goal

A means for superiority



 Higher consciousness is:

A journey

A question

A willingness


A “being” state




The more a person seeks higher consciousness, the further they move away from it. One cannot seek something that is innately born within them. Nature, animals and small children live in higher consciousness. Animals and children innately connect with their divine essence. They trust their instincts, but somewhere along the road to adolescence, the need to fit into society inhibits that instinct.

I believe all people are born with higher consciousness, and then lose it. If beings were to realize their own natural state, they would already know that no “one” or “thing” is necessary for higher states of consciousness.

The vehicles that allow people to remember their natural state are most useful, like meditation, yoga, and therapy. Those of us in professions designed to wake people up and remind them who they really are, and what they are here on Mother Earth for, provide individuals with that memory and meaning. These methods bring “beings” back to their source, which is love, appreciation, compassion, innate self-worth, and trust.

One must have their feet firmly planted on the ground and be able to meet their lower needs or necessities before reaching for the stars!


Karen Kaye, LMHC 

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