A recent article explored the discovery and early history of Carbon 60, also known as Buckyballs or Buckminsterfullerines, and some of the significant benefits observed scientifically as well as by consumers. This article is presented to give added information for those interested in or currently using C60. While not a guarantee of results, it is helpful to remind people what this structure is and purported to improve.

Discovered in 1985 and later awarded a Nobel Prize to three scientists, including Richard Smalley of Rice University, whose research was in cluster chemistry, the discovery of C60 launched the field of nanotechnology. These scientists were able to produce clusters with 60 carbon atoms and clusters with 70. The clusters of 60 carbon atoms were the most abundant.

Originally, the discovery of these cage-like structures resembling a soccer ball was published in the journal Nature. Since then, important studies have demonstrated very significant health benefits. Research has shown that Carbon 60 may destroy viruses including some of the most dreaded. Also, in a study of mice conducted by the American Society for Microbiology, C60 prevented the death in 33 percent of those infected with streptococcus bacteria. Additionally, researchers found that C60 decreased inflammation in arthritic rats. Other studies show dramatic joint and inflammation improvement. Experiments further illustrate that C60 is protective to nerve cells which has huge implications for brain health.

Another impressive area relates to C60 protecting against free radicals and repairing cell membranes that are damaged. Research indicates that C60 can repair DNA while not changing its sequence. This has enormous potential application for cancer therapy. Most significantly, C60 in the Baati Study, published in 2012, showed that rats receiving C60 increased lifespan 90 percent over rats which were in the control group. Clearly, the benefits are astounding and could eventually be as relevant to humans as electricity or cell phones. Continued research and usage will determine the value of supplementing with C60.

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