Research has shown that the subconscious mind controls 95 percent of our lives. This is why repeating affirmations and thinking positively on a conscious level may not be enough to make lasting changes in one’s life. Incorporating hypnosis, meditation and various forms of yoga can help to improve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Jill Avery, founder and creator of Quantum Healing Discoveries, is a QHHT practitioner, KRI instructor and nutrition educator. She seeks to bring healing and higher consciousness to those with whom she interacts. Her mission is to inspire people to know how powerful they truly are. By becoming aware of this, they can create the changes needed in order to reach their full potential.

Clients can improve in self-confidence; eliminate fears, phobias and anxieties; relieve pain; address relationship concerns (family, romantic, children, spouse); find direction with career; quit smoking; lose weight; understand past lives; clear financial blockages; improve health issues; cleanse auras and chakras. Avery will assist her clients in discovering their life’s purpose by removing negative emotions and reprograming the subconscious mind to create balance and healing from within.

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