by Andreina Womutt

At this stage, in very unique ways, each one of us is experiencing multiple life changes. The changes are reaching personal and collective life at a speed that is impossible to ignore. In this Wonderful Dream of Mother-Father-One, we are writing a new story every day. We are holding the only Universal truth: We are Love, made by Love and always Loved. Within, we are feeling the challenge, and the song of One so loud, inviting us to share this Love, and with joy, make wiser choices and let go what no longer serve our highest purposes. Now is the time to anchor to Spirit with a strong connection and, together, honoring one another, we are creating this new reality with all the strength that we never knew we could have. 


Healing at the Speed of Love! in the time of Now is taking action to anchor the new frequencies. Sharing is a beautiful way to support and strengthen the changing community, while fully embracing our creator selves healing at the speed of Love. The more we allow the transformation to take place in our lives, the more we become familiar with change as the only constant in our experience of life. As a result, our body will reflect the harmonious flow with All That Is. Our body is a beautiful universe interconnected. The physical body has a perfect interconnection between the organs, muscles, fluids, etc. Our mind is receiving continuous thoughts and our emotions are bombarding us with different feelings. When we disconnect from the balance of this Dance of the Universe within us — the mirror of us, with our relationships and our environment, an illusion of chaos can be generated, making us spin and enter into the belief system that we are powerless to explore with joy the interconnections within and without each of us. By releasing old ideas and learning to practice using the tools available to empower and reconnect us with our potential, we tap into the inner guidance as to what we need in order to embrace moments when changes are knocking at our door, helping us to keep going in our process of understanding and evolution.

Join Healing at the Speed of Love! at Ama Healing Center, where they offer a variety of therapies, including meditations and various workshops to support the balancing of mind, body and spirit. Become a protagonist in a higher level of awareness and openness. Let us share this space of Life!

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