by Chantal Jardim

Most people turn their noses up at the thought of drinking something with kale, spinach, celery or any other green vegetable. Some think it is crazy to start their day with a green juice. Yet, who can resist the aromas of cucumber, apple, celery, kale, and lemon with a hint of ginger charging the air in the early morning hours!

Yes, I’m saying it—I believe green juice is the best way to start the day; it gives you that much-needed energy boost and offers more benefits than a cup of coffee that induces an acidic reaction inside your body. And here are three more reasons:


1. You get a full serving of green vegetables in a single 16 ounce glass. (When in the grocery store look for glass rather than plastic; plastic is wasteful and leaches chemicals such as BPA which has been linked to numerous health hazards.)

2. You flood your cells with numerous phytochemicals, nutrients, and minerals which give you energy, control your metabolism and allow your body to run at optimal level. We may not necessarily get all of the vitamins and nutrients we need in our everyday diet, therefore, having a fresh vegetable juice each day can have a huge added benefit for your body.

You increase your alkalinity, offsetting all those acid-inducing foods endemic in our diets. The Standard American Diet is filled with processed, refined, and chemical laden foods which unfortunately promote illnesses such as cancer, inflammation and chronic diseases.

3. A diet filled with greens, vegetables and green juices is a way to adequately handle toxic overload and eliminate it. If you feel tired, sluggish, and lack energy, then incorporating these things into your lifestyle can turn that around. The chemical interactions kicked off by green juices enhance your ability to fight illness while maintaining a strong immune system. Think back to 8th grade biology class. Green leaves contain chlorophyll, critical in photosynthesis, the process which allows plants to convert light energy, generally from the sun, into chemical energy that fuels the organisms’ activities. More specifically, photosynthesis converts water and carbon dioxide to carbohydrates, mostly sugars, and then releases oxygen as a by-product, replenishing the atmosphere. By consuming juice from green leafy vegetables you are infusing your body with the building materials that initiate this chemical process. So, the phytochemicals, vitamins and nutrients help our bodies release toxins by carrying oxygen straight to our blood cells. The result is an energy boost from our increased blood circulation and hemoglobin levels.

Another great attribute to drinking a green juice is that it contains loads of magnesium, Vitamins A and C. Magnesium is essential for efficient calcium utilization. The highest concentration of calcium can be also found in good ol’ kale! Notice, I didn’t reference dairy as the highest source. Yes, that’s right, dairy is not the highest source, but that is another story entirely.

Lastly, all chlorophyll-laden foods act as a form of ‘stored sunshine’, to regulate calcium and compensate for Vitamin D deficiency. So, if you get no sunshine, then increase the greens in your diet!

So, now you have a clear idea of why drinking a green juice daily is so important for your health. Here are some ways to keep your green juices fun and exciting:

Rotate your greens. Juicing the same vegetables over and over can lead to an alkaloid buildup, which is okay in small doses but not so good over time. Make sure to switch things around with parsley, bell pepper, bok choy, collards, watercress, spinach and any other one of your favorite green vegetables. Even if you’re not crazy about the taste of a particular vegetable, suck it up once in a while; you’re trying to stave off disease and optimize health!

If taste is so important, you may add lemon, lime or ginger and maybe a couple of dates for sweetness, but don’t go overboard with the dates. You may also add some extra satisfying soul benefits by including wheat grass, spirulina, and E3 live which all aid in higher concentrations of chlorophyll.


Simple Green Juice Recipe

4 stalks celery

3-4 kale leaves (Lacinato/Dino Kale is more fibrous and will create more juice; cut the celery stalks in half then put 3-4 stalks around the kale, pack it tight, then push through the juicer, giving you the most juice with any fast spinning/centrifugal juicer)

1 green apple or green pear

½ lemon – remove zest

1 ½ cucumbers

1 knob of ginger (optional – gives a tangy taste plus nutritional benefits)

You may pour over ice and enjoy!

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