by Dr. Yolanda Cintron

As a biological holistic dentist and health expert in practice for 32 years, Dr. Yolanda Cintron shares her disappointment that the media has had our nation as a captive audience for weeks and no one has educated America about disease prevention. By maintaining our health at optimal levels and boosting our immune system, we can overcome this virus.

Health starts in our mouth. As discussed in the documentaries Root Cause, The Truth about Cancer and by many other international medical authorities, a healthy mouth is the first step to optimal health. An infected oral cavity and toxic mouth will affect the sinuses, brain, lungs and heart. The microorganisms of mercury and heavy metals in your mouth are traveling to the rest of your organs causing destruction not only of the surrounding areas but also to the neurons or nerve endings that communicate with the organs. These unnecessary fixable distractions weaken the immune response to other infections like Covid-19. Many of Cintron’s patients have asked what more they can do to maintain their health, and she shares here that information which she personally follows:

  1. Get the toxins out of your mouth. It is so basic. Our job is and has been removing the viruses, bacteria, fungal, parasites, heavy metals, mercury, aluminum, dead teeth or infected root canal teeth from your oral cavity to help your immune system focus on more important things, including an unexpected virus.
  2. Hydrate at least half your bodyweight with quality filtered water. Example: 200 pounds = 100 oz. (about 3 liters). Water transports toxins out of the body.
  3. Go to sleep early. 9:30-10 pm, sleeping 8-10 hrs. Your body and mind heal when you sleep.
  4. Exercise daily, 30-60 mins. This keeps blood flowing and washes toxins out of our lymphatic system.
  5. Eat a “living” diet. Five portions of live veggies, two portions of fruits. If not available, you can get a green supplement powder to add to your morning and lunch drink (I love and they deliver).
  6. Mindfully meditate; still your thoughts. This can upgrade you at the cellular level and even genetic. Think of whatever is holy, true, kind, loving. Stay positive. Forgive others and self. Keep it moving, don’t get stuck. Stagnated thoughts like stagnated water are toxic. Learn a new skill.
  7. Oxygenation gets toxins out. Do breathing exercises. Inhale 10 seconds, hold your breath 5 seconds, exhale 10 seconds.
  8. Get out into the outdoors. Ground yourself, walk on the beach, where water meets the sand. This increases your heart variability by 277%. Walk around your backyard, do gardening. Nature is beautiful and it heals us.
  9. Health is about taking action, being at peace within and maintaining a balance/center. (When in fear, our body goes into fight or flight, causing adrenal glands to produce cortisol, an undesirable state in which the body cannot detox and heal.)
  10. Take multivitamins, minerals. CoQ10 (400 mg); Liposomal Vit C 1000 mg a few times per day (it doesn’t affect the stomach). Liposomal glutathione is also a strong antioxidant that removes toxins and keeps the body strong. Let your food be your medicine. Take prebiotics like kiwi; anti-inflammatories like turmeric; pineapple (Bromelia) helps with digestion as does papaya; blueberries for anti-cancer.
  11. Simplify your life. Spring cleaning time. Time to detox your car, home and donate unnecessary clutter. Your extra is someone else’s necessity.
  12. Get a personal neck air purifier. ( has a room purifier that kills 99.98% viruses, including Covid-19. In our office we have 10 different kinds, IQ Pro Swiss medical-grade, besides the individual ones in each room, with UV lighting. Entrance hallway-ozone detoxification.
  13. We provide megadoses of intravenous Vit C. In-office; kills viruses.
  14. Handpicked high quality nutraceuticals, supplements and detox products. I use these medical-grade nutrients and anti-virus/antibacterials; find them at
  15. Clean sinuses and lungs. I use Argentyn 23 ppm medical grade colloidal silver, great to inhale and rinse with. I use a tablespoon in a nebulizer and inhale the vapor twice daily. The vapor cleans your respiratory system.
  16. Feed your soul. Love, laugh and dance to your favorite music, with your favorite people or by yourself.
  17. Last but foremost, connect to your CREATOR. As a spirit having this (human) experience, Love God above all things, seek Him. Only He can truly fill our Love bucket.

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