This past winter, local Girl Scout Troop 10197 rallied to help the community by digging in and clearing invasive plants from a local park. More recently, the girls teamed up with renowned environmental artist SusieQ Wood for a special cooperative art project to help spread the message of environmental awareness.

The troop of 13 elementary school girls spent a month collecting litter from all over Broward County, especially along the coastline and parks, to use for the project. They observed that there was plenty of plastic to be picked up and also were enlightened to the fact that it takes around 250 years to decompose. It was an eye-opening experience for everyone involved with the project.

In collaboration with SusieQ, the troop created four pieces of art using the litter collected (and still had plenty left over). Their unique artwork includes two whale paintings, a heart painting and a recycle based painting. All will be on display at Virginia Shuman Young Montessori Elementary School, in Fort Lauderdale, for the annual art show. The exhibit will surely pique interest and hopefully impact viewers.

Troop member Alexandra G. suggests that everyone help this global cause at their local level by picking up trash to “help provide a clean world for generations to come.”