At Divine Love Institute, it has long been their mission to take Reiki training back to the original teachings. Through this journey of discovery, Nancy Haney Duke and Nancy Livingston, co-founders of the institute, were invited to participate in the IV Gendai Reiki Ho International Gathering in Spain, held October 2015.
The event was co-organized by Gendai Reiki Network of Japan, Gendai Reiki Ho Association of Madrid, and the Usui Reiki Ryoho Association of Castilla and León. All training was imparted by Master Hiroshi Doi, founder, Gendai Reiki Ho.

Participants flew in from around the world, with training beginning in El Escorial with the Dento Reiki Workshop (traditional Reiki), where the group participated in Reiki techniques exactly as practiced by Usui Sensi. They then continued with training available only to Gendai Reiki Ho Shihans (Masters). Training then moved to Madrid where participants received Gendai Reiki Ho Gokuikaiden (the highest teaching in Gendai Reiki Ho) and Reiju (attunement) directly from Master Hiroshi Doi.
At Divine Love Institute, Duke and Livingston are honored to now be offering these teachings directly from Hiroshi Doi as well as Gendai Reiki Ho Certification.
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