Isabelle Morton Gemstone Therapy Institute intern and soon-tobe graduate, Herbert Wheeler, is accepting clients for private sessions. The Institute, founded in 2009, is a two and a half year curriculum that parallels any current academic/practicum, protocol driven modality in use today.

Using therapeutic quality gemstone spheres, the practitioner may address a single area of the body, balance chakras or support any of the 15 systems of the body. Using a Condition Placement technique, the physical, emotional, karmic and mental energies associated with life issues that involve relationships, career, home, finance, etc. are collected and placed on a healthy area of the body. The condition, with a definite target area, can be worked with directly.

Other sophisticated protocols available to the client are Color Ray Evaluation and Clearing; Relationship Color Ray Assessment; and Belief Renewal Protocol. The Energy Clearing Protocol focuses on the physical, emotional, causal and mental levels as well as the cellular, molecular and atomic levels of your being.

Ongoing Self-Therapy is available in the form of gemstone energy pillules (similar to homeopathics), and sprays made from specific formulations to support the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

For more information, visit or contact Wheeler at 954.288.0775, [email protected]