If there is a silver lining to living under quarantine, it is an increased appreciation of the value of wellness. Staying inside and isolating from others can exacerbate existing mental health conditions while at the same time help people everywhere realize it is essential to invest in emotional as well as physical wellbeing. The key now is to maintain these new practices as we begin to re-enter society and reintegrate.

A great tool for mental health and personal growth is the float tank. Adding a regular float practice to one’s routine helps reduce anxiety by lowering cortisol levels and increasing dopamine, aids in sleep, eases chronic pain and, perhaps most importantly, facilitates access to deep states of consciousness and expanded awareness. In these profound states, floaters have the opportunity to gain new insights, embark on a journey of self-discovery and break negative patterns, strengthening their connection to the universe.

Float8 Wellness Lounge, in Deerfield Beach, offers four private rooms for floatation therapy; a second location is slated for Fort Lauderdale in August 2020. First time floaters can take advantage of the Intro3 package: three floats at 50 percent. For more information, visit Float8ion.com.