The mainstream Western diet imposes high acidic foods which often lead to low level metabolic acidosis—a condition that occurs when the body produces large amounts of acid. If too low, it can even reach kidney failure or other serious conditions.

The rate of obesity in the U.S. is at record levels, with predictions 44% will be obese in 2030. Do you believe what we eat is the true cause? If yes, then what are you prepared to do about it for you and your family?

In order to understand why alkalinity or acidity of the water-based liquids is important to our health, we first must understand how the body controls the ionization levels of its fluids. Not all acidic foods increase acidity inside our bodies. Orange juice, for example, has an extremely acidic pH of 3.5 because of its citric acid content, but the citric acid is burned away during digestion. OJ also contains potassium and magnesium which interact with water to create alkaline ions.

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