Dr. Keehner, retired psychologist and psychic medium, combines his knowledge and experience as a psychologist with the gift of mediumship to console the grieving, predict the future, and provide counseling on relationship and career issues.


An evidential medium, as opposed to channeling, gives definitive data: names, events, dates or places that prove contact with those in Spirit have been made. This information can mitigate grief and show the continuity of consciousness. To know evidentially that we are eternal beings can be life changing, and bring change to the world.

Most people believe in an afterlife, but belief is very different from knowing based on fact. There are two ways of factual knowing: through enlightenment (Self-realization) and through evidential mediumship. Once we know we never die — that consciousness continues after death, life is different. There is a peace that goes beyond understanding that affects our relationships and the way we live.

Psychic information and energetic healing are the results of connecting with the energetic field of the client, and not to Spirit. This information can be used for decision making. It is not for the psychic to tell the client what to do, but to provide information, support and guidance.

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