Spirulina is a plant-based protein that supports cellular detoxification while boosting the immune system. It contains 18 amino acids, including all nine of the essential aminos. Spirulina promotes heart health, enhances cognitive function, accelerates wound healing, improves athletic performance, helps to alkalize the body and is one of the richest sources of natural antioxidants available on the market today.

Typically, spirulina is available in pill form or in a dry powdered version, both which destroy most of its biological activity. Spirulina4Life is a 100 percent live, highly nutritious blue-green algae grown in alkaline fresh water-enclosed ponds in the state of Florida. It delivers numerous health benefits, including an increase in muscle strength, greater endurance, energy and vitality.

Spirulina4Life is flash frozen alive and therefore bioavailable to strengthen the immune system. Containing more than 100 nutrients, it is often described as the most complete food source in the world—a true superfood—and Spirulina4Life brand offers the highest grade to be found anywhere on the planet.

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