The Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution (Darshan means “vision of the Divine” in Sanskrit) is a place for people to celebrate, explore and develop “inner” faith experiences. The Center’s vision is attuned to a Higher Awareness of Oneness. The Center is an interfaith, sacred and safe place to heal, grow, learn and develop a spiritual consciousness that celebrates the manifestation of the Divine in all things and explore unitive consciousness.


The Darshan Center meets regularly at A Healing Space, 1410 NE 26th Street for inter spiritual, “inner faith” experiences that explore our spiritual oneness and the journey back to the Higher Self. Reverend Dr. Grace Telesco leads Spiritual Study Groups on Fridays at 7pm, Kirtan on Saturdays at 7pm, and Sacred Celebrations on Sundays at 4pm. For more information, visit or call 917-579-3750

At A Healing Space, Kris Drumm, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Licensed Hypnotherapist leads individuals and groups through a transformative healing process in her Monday night meditations at 7:30 p.m., Saturday Inner Child workshops, and other services, as well as private individual and couple sessions. Call 954-549-0263 or visit See ad page 3.