Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM, one of the only holistic podiatrists in the country, has developed his own line of “semi-custom” orthotics. Looking to come up with a more reasonably-priced orthotic while also wanting to incorporate a prescription for customization, he worked with a local orthotic lab to create a happy medium between a “custom” and an “over-the-counter” orthotic.

Orthotics are considered “eyeglasses for the feet” and are more than merely an “arch-support”. They are used to balance both the back and front of the foot to enable more efficient foot function, which translates up through the ankle, knee, hip and back. This can also prevent many chronic and acute injuries.

“Doc Rick” recommends orthotics to anyone over the age of 40, even if no current problem, as preventive medicine. He also advises them in younger patients who are having foot and leg issues or who have severe foot pathology.

Location: The Wellness Center at Post Haste Pharmacy, 4401 Sheridan St., Hollywood. For appointments, call 954-989-6524. Unable to come in? Visit WellnessStartsWithYourFeet.com for orthotics (non-prescription) but infinitely better than any over-the-counter product on the market. This would then be shipped right to your door.