Dr. Elizabeth King, CEO and founder of the International Holistic Center, is proud to announce the publication of her book, Dr. King’s Simple Guide to Holistic Health: Lessons Learned from My Personal Journey. The book will be released on July 13 at the first annual Women’s International Holistic Conference at the Ritz-Carlton on Fort Lauderdale beach. The conference, “Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick: The Balancing Act”, will set participants on the path to achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Internationally renowned speakers and panelists will address topics including wellness, wealth, business, personal finance, social media, sex, relationships, family and spirituality. The book will be available for purchase on Amazon after the conference.
King’s book launch is happening at the conference as they are totally in sync. Both take as a starting point the importance of seeking a healthy lifestyle through conventional and non-conventional approaches. The conference, like the book, is solution-focused. “We will address everything from health to wealth and all that’s in-between, including sex, relationships and self-care,” states King. “The goal is to give women tools they can use in their daily lives. Just as important, we want them to walk away feeling inspired and empowered to fulfill their dreams.” She emphasizes, “This is not just another conference. It is a movement for better health, more wealth and a happier life.”
For more information about King’s book, the conference or to purchase your ticket, visit WICHwow.com or call International Holistic Center at 954.903.9426.