Harvard trained surgeon from New York City, Dr. Craig Brown spent many years researching the alternative route, creating The Survival Kit for the 21st Century. His program, Expansive Wholistic Health, will present you with tools that address the source of the problem, not just create a temporary band aid. Physical: feel and look better; Mental: enhanced cognition (mental acuity), increased creativity, ability to multi-task; Emotional: reduction in mood swings, improved emotional stability; Spiritual: your own personal experience; Financial: your health is your wealth! He will show you why.


Join Dr. Brown as he takes you on a journey of understanding the True Mind/Body Connection as developed through Expansive Wholistic Health’s Oral-Nasal Systemic connection theories. Eliminate the pain of aging with this 12-step program with a return to homeostasis through Expansive Wholistic Health protocols. Don’t get fooled by marketing gimmicks—not everything is healthy and could actually be more damaging than good.

The conferences are fun and educationally oriented. Upcoming two-day conference takes place November 2 to 3, at the historic Crest Theatre in downtown Delray Beach.

Register at DrCraigBrown.com/events or call 1-888-490-9898. Early registration is $399 through September 30th. See ad page 3.