April is nature’s wisdom month at Natural Awakenings, and what could be more fitting than learning what Mother Nature has to say about love.

For the past four years, biologist Dawn Maslar, M.S. has been researching the science of love. She has found that love is not instant—changes over time. Love has four distinct phases based on the neurotransmitters and activity in the brain. It starts with attraction and casts a wide net. The next phase is dating, where it’s the woman’s job to pick the best candidate. Ladies, in nature you are the prize. But there are risks.

If a couple makes it through the dating phase, they can experience falling in love. Neurologically, this is a phase of temporary insanity. In addition, falling in love with euphoric feeling has a time limit. The good news is that if a couple stays together they can experience life affirming real love. The trick to finding and maintaining lifelong love is understanding nature’s wisdom through the science of love.

Maslar’s work has been featured on TEDxEd, NPR and South Florida Today.

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