by Dr. Yani
We are in an era of health where it is eminent and recognized as dogma that a healthy gut (microbiome), low stress levels and proper nutrition ensure a healthy body and prevent not only leaky gut syndrome but also adrenal fatigue. Environmental toxins causing free radicals, cheap fast food diets with poor nutritional value and high daily stress levels can threaten our homeostasis (stable equilibrium within our body).

This is where the entire gut system starts to break down and the degeneration starts to be seen in the oral cavity which comprises the starting point of the digestive microbiome system.
The oral-systemic connection determines how your oral health impacts the health of the rest of your body. Your mouth is the mirror of your body. It’s imperative to be clear on this very simple concept in order to have a deeper understanding of why infected mouths lead to cardiovascular conditions, autoimmune problems, neurological and degenerative conditions, mutations leading to cancer and even hormonal and infertility issues.
Dentistry has evolved a lot in the past 15 years, not only technologically but also conceptually. The biological dentistry field now recognizes the holistic concept that toxic and infected gums and teeth are factually the cause of systemic health conditions.
Now, we have a better understanding of the inhabitants of our mouth: the symbiotic and synergistic equilibrium of our microbes. Contrary to what we once learned in dental or medical school, the goal is to not kill all the germs in the oral environment. Some bacteria promote good health in the mouth and their impact is beneficial to the rest of the body—like the heart, for example. The gut microbiome determines so much of our health and well-being. These microbes in our intestines are connected and control mental health, weight and even autoimmune conditions. For instance, serotonin, the “happy feeling hormone”, is produced in our gut. The oral microbiome has long been dust under the rug (to avoid saying “ignored”), but in recent years through multiple studies, the mouth has become an absolutely essential part of a healthy gut.
Despite this evidence, we sometimes find ourselves abusing this delicate oral ecosystem by exposing it to so many heavy metals: mercury silver fillings, acids, toxins, chemicals from artificial dentifrices, chemicals, and antibacterial mouthwashes, which in turn wipe out microbial diversity, affecting the microbiome in our gut and the health of the rest of our body.
I love the statement from the Surgeon General, in 2000, that the mouth is the “mirror” of health and disease in the body. There is so much incredible information about prevention of “leaky gut” thus prevention of leaky mouth.
In summarizing the key points, it’s important for you to know about gluten, dairy products, the benefits of probiotic foods, the impact of feeding your microbiome with prebiotics, and ingesting a more alkaline-driven diet to help with tissue detox, energy levels and cell regeneration. Of course, do not forget to make an appointment with your dentist to get amazing nutritional counseling and address toxic mercury fillings which put more burden on your immune system and worsen autoimmune conditions. Be diligent with your dental health to ensure that it is uncompromised by making sure you’re free of jawbone cavitation and gum disease which could contribute to body inflammation and cardiovascular problems.
Dr. Yani has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years. She had a personal experience with toxicity poisoning related to mercury fillings and knows firsthand the impact of this on the body. She would be happy to share her experience of the impact of mercury removal on her health.